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Car accidents are responsible for over $150 billion per year (yes, BILLION) in costs resulting from injuries and property damage. It is important to know what to do in order to protect your legal rights if you are in an Louisiana accident and need a car accident attorney. The consumer legal information resource provides some valuable information:

First, call the police (and paramedics if necessary). It is imperative that the police report is accurate and that it reflects your recollection of the events. If you happen to have a camera, try to photograph the scene prior to moving the vehicles (only if safe to do so). Additionally, someone should interview all witnesses and record their comments. Such interviews should be completed as soon as possible as witnesses’ memories tend to fade with time. Your attorney may hire a professional investigator to sift through the paperwork and determine insurance information and other mundane facts. In preparing your case, your attorney may find it helpful to diagram the scene, noting the traffic, weather and pavement conditions at the time of the accident. Try to accurately record as much of this information as possible.

It is also important to get a copy of the police report after the accident. Reports are usually available within 10 days after the incident. Make sure the report closely matches your recollection of the events. However, if it does not, a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer will be able to provide you with advice.

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