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A couple of weeks ago, I had two separate yet related conversations with two couples.  The first conversation was with an incredibly sweet husband and wife from South Louisiana.  The husband worked for over a year cleaning up BP’s oil spill along the Louisiana coast.  He now has a myriad of health problems which they believe are related to his exposure to the oil and to Corexit, a chemical used by BP to sink the oil during the cleanup operations.  The other conversation was with two professionals from Miami who told me that they thought all of the problems with BP’s oil spill had been “cleaned up and resolved.”  When I asked the Miami couple why they thought that, they looked at each other and then to me, and said, “Because that’s what BP’s commercials say.”

Ah, the power of spin.  We have seen BP try to crawfish out of its deal to compensate businesses for the economic losses caused by BP’s oil spill and then try to play the victim on 60 Minutes and other news outlets.  This is despite the fact that BP is a convicted felon, having pled guilty to causing the death of 11 innocent workers,  lying to and obstructing Congress, and causing the worst environmental disaster in the history of the nation.  Oh.  And despite the fact that at one time BP praised the terms of the deal it is now trying to tear apart.  Evidently, BP’s spin machine knows no bounds.  And it seems apparent now that BP’s spin machine was in full operation as the oil was spewing and washing ashore Louisiana’s coast.

HBO’s Vice aired “Crude Awakening” last night which detailed the lasting environmental and possible lingering health effects of the BP oil spill.  And those lasting effects are what bring the two conversations I mentioned above together.  Here is the trailer for “Crude Awakening.”

To me, the most poignant quote from the “Crude Awakening” trailer is, “Out of sight, out of mind. There’s no story if you don’t see the oil.”  Unfortunately, neither BP’s spin nor BP’s oil has stopped — even four years after the spill. As detailed in “Crude Awakening,” oil is still washing ashore Louisiana’s coast — four years after the spill. We know the same is happening on a weekly basis in Florida.  So, no, friends from Miami, everything is not “cleaned up and resolved” — despite what BP’s commercials want you to believe.   And dear friends from South Louisiana, no, you’re not crazy to think that the oil and Corexit could be the cause of your health problems.

No oil?  No Problem?  No, Not Really.  The Gulf Coast’s people, environment and economy are still suffering from BP’s oil spill.  It is time for BP to stop the spin and make good on its much ballyhooed “Commitment to the Gulf.”   We are still waiting.


  1. Gravatar for Foundonly

    I guess for Lawyers it’s fair game to take advantage of BPs naive notion that it was fairness that the ambulance chasers were after.

    But Just for the record, much more damaging to the US, is the legacy left behind for those companies that will follow.

    This case has promoted the well founded idea that the US legal system and its administrators are greedy and cannot be trusted to act fairly.

    It’s quite strange that the US legal system is maintaining is that British petroleum should pay even the known fraudulent claims against it. We are all sure to remember this when we next make an insurance claim.

    BP and all that follow will also remember these actions and act accordingly the next time.

  2. Gravatar for Rick Lacey

    To make the oil disappear and save per-barrel fines, BP pumped Corexit into the blowout and sprayed it over the oil slicks knowing from experience that it would kill cleanup workers and marine life. Truth that horrific cannot stay hidden. The BP coverup will fail and the company will pay!

  3. Foundonly have you followed what happened here and what BP agreed to? There is no explanation for the way they have deceived and attempted to manipulate the media.

  4. Gravatar for SBoone

    My reply to foundonly;

    Did you not read the article? Did you not understand that BP and it's lawyers not only made this agreement but they went into court and readily accepted it. The fact that you call a multibillion dollar company naïve is astounding to me. Not to mention a company that has been convicted for multiple felonies.

    Sure the US legal system has some greedy lawyers and greedy politicians. But BP is made up of a lot of greedy businessmen who put the interests of the bottom dollar in front of the safety of their own workers and of the full gulf Coast community. The US legal system has a way of culling out fraudulent cases.

    You are either a complete and utter idiot or you work for BP. Either way you're a fraud!

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