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J.R. Whaley

The First Lawsuit Against Syngenta Over China Trade Goes to Trial

In November 2013, China detected genetically modified traits in U.S. corn shipments. Because China had not approved the genetically modified trait, it halted U.S. corn imports. The following month, the Chinese government issued a warning notification strengthening the inspection and […]

J.R. Whaley


As discussed last week, lost in the hub-bub about Volkswagen’s deception in fooling regulators about the emissions of its “clean” diesel engines is the very real economic damages of used car dealers who purchased VWs for resale.  Those small businesses […]

J.R. Whaley

Small Business Owners Affected By VW’s Deception

Lost in the hub-bub about Volkswagen’s deception in fooling regulators about the emissions of its “clean” diesel engines is the very real economic damages of a certain group of small businesses. In addition to consumers, used car dealers are left […]

J.R. Whaley

Why Renters Need Insurance

According to a recent Insurance Information Institute (III) poll, 95% of homeowners had homeowners insurance but a staggering number of renters do not carry renters insurance. Some estimate that nearly two-thirds of the 81 million people who rent their homes […]

J.R. Whaley

Got (Raw) Milk? Think I’ll Pass.

In Louisiana, we are known for great food.  And it is no secret that we sometimes eat things that are not common in other parts of the world.  Crawfish, of course, come to mind.  But despite our adventurous palate as […]

Chrissie Cole

Global Plastics Recalls Paper Towel Dispensers Due To Fire Risk

Global Plastics Ltd recently announced a voluntary recall of Bay West & Hillyard Hybrid Wave N Cut Paper Towel Dispensers, because the electric board can overheat posing a fire hazard.

Shannon Weidemann

Cribs Recalled Due to Suffocation Risk

Two children died after being suffocated in their cribs and now over one million cribs have been recalled due to a design flaw. The recalled cribs were made in China and are sold under the name Simplicity and Graco. They are drop side cribs that were sold in stores from January 1998 through May 2007. The retail price for the cribs was from $100 to $300. Two infants, a 9-month-old and a…

Shannon Weidemann

Metz Fresh Recalls Spinach

Salmonella is responsible for the latest spinach recall. California based Metz Fresh has issued a bagged spinach recall after testing uncovered Salmonella contamination. It is unknown how the spinach was contaminated with Salmonella. There have been no reports of illness or problems related to this spinach.The positive test came during independent lab testing Metz Fresh conducts on all of its…

Shannon Weidemann

Fake Toothpaste Found in More Stores

A counterfeit version of Colgate toothpaste that was marked "Made in South Africa" has been found in some Michigan discount stores. The toothpaste contains diethylene glycol, a harmful ingredient found in antifreeze. The FDA has issued a huge recall for all toothpaste made in China, as it may contain diethylene gylcol. Some local dollar stores have been selling counterfeit Colgate toothpaste….

Shannon Weidemann

Off-road Motorcycle Recalled Over Defect

An off-road motorcycle manufactured in Austria and sold in the United States by KTM has been recalled. About 20,000 motorcycles are included in the recall. The defective product has a faulty seal that can allow fuel to leak which is a fire hazard. KTM has received 5,114 reports of leaking fuel tanks. CPSC has received one report of a minor chemical burn due to fuel coming into contact with a…